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With strong digital modeling skills and software experience, Tristan Emig contributes to Cope Linder’s graphic capabilities. Tristan’s background in coding shapes his ability to quickly navigate different programs and identify the most efficient options for realistic renderings.

As an undergraduate, Tristan participated in an internship with a glass company, exposing him to the intricacies of material takeoffs and how to effectively detail shop drawings. He also worked part-time as a DJ and lighting technician, developing lighting setups for weddings and special events. This experience now informs his conceptual designs for hospitality projects.

Tristan’s creativity and ability to think on his feet make him an efficient teammate for schematic design through documentation. He has conducted office training sessions to teach everyone at Cope Linder the basics of rendering and animation.

A longtime volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters, Tristan enjoys spending time with his little brother and teaching him about architecture. Tristan is a sports enthusiast, a member of several social sports networks, and manager of the Cope Linder softball team. He lives in the Graduate Hospital area of Philadelphia.

Triston holds a B.Arch from Philadelphia University. He joined CLA in 2014.