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Robert Keppel has spent over 30 years leading architectural projects with a strong proclivity for urban planning and site design. He offers insight and skill to balance the demands of urban development, economics, community interests, and environmental quality.

Bob’s design sensibilities are fueled by his beliefs that clients and the public should be able to visualize and understand design concepts and that architecture should reflect the ambitions and values of the client. Driven equally by the need for innovation and clarity, Bob is a forward-thinking designer who favors clear and exciting concepts that spark enthusiasm.

In addition to his depth of experience in master planning, programming, and architecture, Bob spearheads much of CLA’s marketing activities. A strong proposal writer, he enjoys articulating big-picture ideas from the earliest stages of a project through to their promotion on the website and in collateral materials.

Bob serves as CLA’s representative for two organizations: Central Philadelphia Development Corporation and Development Workshop Incorporated; both are committed to shaping Philadelphia through public-private partnership, research, advocacy, and robust urban development. Bob also contributes his design and planning expertise as trustee for two institutions. A resident of Cinnaminson, N.J., Bob spends his free time sailing on the Delaware River.

Bob holds dual Master of City Planning and Master of Architecture degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and a B.Arch from Carnegie Mellon University. He is registered in Del, Md., Mich., N.J., N.Y., Pa., and Va. Bob joined CLA in 1983.