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With over 30 years of architectural experience for everything from zoos and entertainment facilities to hospitality and multi-family developments, Margaret Michel offers perspective and proficiency in project management and construction oversight.

Maggie enjoys being on a job site and working through the complexities of construction to ensure design intent. Her strong organization, documentation, and communication skills make her a valued team member. Her willingness to share her experiences makes her a strong mentor for young architects.

Maggie’s comfort level with large-scale projects – and appreciation for emphasizing a spatial experience – stems from having been part of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Committee. A capable planner who appreciates an organized site, Maggie is quite interested and proficient in landscape design. She holds membership in several arboretums and participates in the Master Gardener program at Longwood Gardens, where her emphasis has been institutional garden design.

An active volunteer in numerous organizations, Maggie has traveled to the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador with Freedom From Hunger, an organization that uses micro-financing and education to support women around the world. She is a sailor, rower, and contemporary fiction writer. She also regularly completes landscape and architecture projects for family and friends, including design and construction of a family vacation home in Maine.

Maggie holds a Master of Architecture from Carnegie Mellon University, a B.A. in Anthropology from Boston University, and is a Certified Project Management Professional. She joined CLA in 2011.