Lutron Electronics

This four-level, 132,000-sf building is the largest of the Lutron Electronics Co., Inc. corporate headquarters campus in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. Cope Linder Architects was selected to work closely with Lutron’s founder and senior management team after demonstrating the ability to listen carefully to Lutron’s vision. Lutron found Cope Linder Architects’ ability to clearly express three-dimensional concepts in real time a valuable asset during the collaborative work sessions.

The building’s office space design and function are unique, focusing on a central atrium and reinforcing Lutron’s emphasis on team connectivity, creativity, and programming flexibility. A flexible conference training center and employee cafeteria are included within the facility.

Cope Linder Architects also worked closely with Lutron’s construction manager and key Lehigh Valley sub-contractors. The MEP systems were developed by applying a concept that allows Lutron to use their own building as a test-bed for developing new control systems and products. In addition to addressing Lutron’s program, Cope Linder Architects worked to detail the project within the budget and schedule parameters.

Owner / Client: Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.