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Ian Cope jokes that he grew up above the store. Quite literally, he lived above the first Cope Linder office and spent his childhood immersed in design – from family vacations spent visiting his father’s mall projects across the country to his first job as a mason’s helper.

Gerry Cope may have influenced his son’s career direction toward architecture. But Ian’s natural skills as a business developer, mediator, and project facilitator helped him discover a niche on the business side of practice. After gaining experience with other firms, Ian joined CLA. He became a principal in 1991.

Ian supports the tandem principal leadership structure on most CLA projects, often serving as the lead during conceptualization and working to resolve important design issues. Clients and colleagues alike appreciate his honesty and straightforward approach to studying project feasibility, pro formas, economics, and staffing. Ian’s strong understanding of the political and financial aspects of architecture ensures projects are designed to be successful on all levels.

When he’s not leading clients through the design and construction process, Ian travels, gardens, sketches, and enjoys time at the dog park with his German Shepherd. Ian lives in the Spring Garden section of Philadelphia, where he has been involved with neighborhood civic groups for more than 15 years.

Ian holds a Master of Architecture from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a B.Arch from North Carolina State University. A member of the American Institute of Architects, Ian is registered in N.J. and Pa. He joined CLA in 1986.