Hampton Inn

Located in the heart of Philadelphia’s Convention Center precinct, the 250-guestroom Hampton Inn provides downtown visitors with centrally located accommodations on a very small, quarter-acre parcel. Securing the complex entitlements and development rights involved sensitive negotiations with nearby homeowners on a historic residential street, provision of a small community garden, and exploiting variance relief to secure permits.

Based on aggressive schedule considerations and precious little staging area for construction, virtually the entire structure, including structural framing and façade panels, was fabricated off-site and brought to the site for immediate erection. A steel frame and pre-stressed concrete plank system, not typical for Philadelphia-area hi-rise construction, was employed to permit completion and occupancy within 11 months.

Per Hampton Inn franchise standards, the hotel offers guests with a centrally located value-oriented experience including breakfast, a swimming pool, fitness center, and business center.

Owner / Client: Hersha Hotels, Inc. and Zaccaro Management