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A former urban planner for the City of Philadelphia, Garry Rasmussen lends his understanding of scale, context, and the interdisciplinary nature of the built environment to projects of varying sizes and scopes. His efforts balance programming and design.

A native of the Midwest, Garry came to Philadelphia for graduate school and became part of the planning team charged with revitalizing Center City and master planning its future expansion. The experience highlighted the importance of working with consultants and constituents to achieve mutually beneficial results.

Garry isn’t phased by the challenges of either new construction or rehabilitation and thrives on complex assignments with tight programming and multiple teammates. A strong project manager, Garry quickly grasps how all of the components of a building must support one another, and builds consensus.

Long before computers were the norm in architectural practice, Garry took an interest in technology. Today, he’s CLA’s resident IT expert, responsible for keeping the digital resources running efficiently and managing office-wide technology infrastructure.

When he’s not managing a project or mentoring younger architects, Garry enjoys Formula 1 Racing, playing guitar, and flying kites. Married with two sons, he lives in Springfield Township, Pa.

Garry holds dual Master of Architecture and Master of City Planning degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and dual Bachelor of Architecture and B.A. in Architecture degrees from Iowa State University. He is registered in Pa. Garry joined CLA in 1997.