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Ellen Wright

A supportive team player with strong three-dimensional graphic skills, Ellen Wright contributes her ideas and support to design projects wherever she’s needed.

A former lacrosse goalie and winner of Philadelphia University’s “Unsung Hero” award, Ellen continues her quiet contributions at CLA. Her creativity and efficiency have been evident in architectural signage development and fabrication coordination as well as in general architectural design support. See her handiwork on the interior and monumental exterior signage for the One Liberty Observation Deck: Philly From the Top.

Ellen believes it is crucial for designers to encourage and build off each other’s ideas, and both roll with the punches and keep projects rolling.

A native of rural Virginia and resident of South Philadelphia, Ellen enjoys exploring the city’s art museums and galleries. The award-winning photographer also enjoys capturing images of rundown and abandoned properties throughout the city, including Graffiti Pier and the Viaduct.

Ellen holds a B.Arch from Philadelphia University. She joined CLA in 2015.