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A registered architect with hands-on design-build experience, Derek Morgan understands and efficiently coordinates the nuts and bolts of construction. He lends both his eye for details and his big-picture oversight skills to the projects he manages.

Derek takes the lead after schematic design, managing the intricacies of design development, overseeing documentation, and ensuring the myriad building parts and systems integrate without interference. He handles everything from document management to consultant coordination with a sure hand. Having worked in construction, Derek has a depth of experience that builds confidence in his colleagues, consultant teammates, and clients.

As a graduate student, Derek taught a freshman design foundation course where he supervised student construction of catapults and large-scale slingshots. He continues to manage construction in his spare time, building everything from shelves to sheds to a complete house in the Poconos.

Originally from Buffalo, N.Y., Derek lives in New Jersey with his girlfriend. Together they have donated time and support to the Ronald McDonald House of Southern N.J. for the last decade.

Derek holds Master of Architecture and Bachelor of Professional Sciences degrees from the University at Buffalo. He is registered in Pa. Derek joined CLA in 2006.