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A strong architectural planner with expertise in multi-family residential, commercial, and hospitality markets, David Ertz brings a pensive efficiency to the projects and teams he leads. His skills encompass broad design concepts and precise detailing.

David’s primary strength is in the conceptual design phase, during which he quickly develops well-thought-out programs and plans. His ability to home in on salient issues and vet options leads to process efficiency and solutions consistent with client objectives. In particular, David excels at architecture within the urban context, where he weighs decisions about context, scale, and adjacencies with thoughtfulness and creativity.

A patron of history and the arts, David holds memberships at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Barnes Foundation, Museum of the American Revolution, and the National Constitution Center. David’s gardens at his home in the West Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia have been on several tours and received recognition from the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. In addition to global travel to visit architecture and historic gardens, David spends time at his vacation home in Vermont, where he is designing a meadow garden as a feature landscape element.

David holds a Master of Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania and a B.Arch from Washington University. He is registered in Neb., N.J., and Pa, and a member of the American Institute of Architects, Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia, and Society of Architectural Historians. David joined CLA in 1984.