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An adept conceptualizer, Danton Spina excels at the planning phase of design. His strengths lie in programming, modeling, and presentation graphics, through which he articulates architectural design concepts, communicates strong ideas, and builds consensus.

Danton brings practical experience in residential and commercial design as well as construction and carpentry skills to his role. He is able to integrate clients’ needs by foreseeing concerns and asking the right questions. He appreciates collaboration and dialogue among client, designer, and teammates.

Danton’s extensive experience with theatrical design shapes his sense of interactivity and spatial flexibility in architecture. In college, he founded Warehouse Architecture Theater, an award-winning group for which he continues to produce and perform in New York and Philadelphia. He has designed sets for theater and theatrical gaming, and has spoken on the topic of “gameful” architecture at DesignPhiladelphia and the Harry Potter Conference. He’s also active in the Philadelphia Theater Alliance.

In addition to his project roles, Danton volunteers for Habitat for Humanity and participates as a mentor on the CLA ACE Mentor Program multi-disciplinary team. Danton, his wife, and young son live in Ridley Park, Pa., where they enjoy travel and outdoor activities.

Danton holds a Master of Science in Architecture from California Polytechnic State University and a B.Arch from Syracuse University. He is registered in Pa. Danton joined CLA in 2014.