Camp Garrison

Cope Linder Architects developed both the site master plan and the architectural design for this 115-acre site and its four individual activity areas. The Cradle of Liberty Council’s objective for Camp Garrison was to provide an adventure experience for groups of young scouts in separate “villages” within the natural setting of the Musser Scout Reserve in Marlborough Township, Pa.

Imaginative architectural themes set the stage for each area. The Native American Village places scouts in a pre-Columbian indigenous plains community with tepees for sleeping and a long house for meals and activities. Safeguard Castle evokes the gallantry of the Middle Ages. At Fort Akela, scouts experience a 19th century western frontier stockade. The Port Liberty Lighthouse, with its three-masted U.S.S. Cradle of Liberty ship, recreates the tidewater colonial port. Each of these program areas is designed as a complete functional camp site, accommodating a troop of 40 scouts and their leaders for a week-long camping and character building experience.

Cope Linder’s plan also addressed the infrastructure needs for the facility, designed to minimize impact to the site’s meadows and forest land. The plan introduced graveled parking areas defined by split-rail fences, troop welcome and registration pavilions, hiking trails, and graveled access driveways for maintenance and emergency service vehicles.

Awards: The project received the Land Development Award by Montgomery County Planning Commission, recognizing excellence in site planning and design.

Owner / Client: Cradle of Liberty Council, Boy Scouts of America