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An advocate for strong interdisciplinary teams, Ashley Liss emphasizes the importance of being a team player in everything she does. As such, she’s involved with internal and external organization of staff and consultants, including much of the BIM coordination.

She joined the firm as a Drexel student, working full-time as she completed her degree. Today she is on the path to licensure while helping others in the office gain familiarity and proficiency with BIM.

Ashley’s strong problem-solving and communication skills also support CLA marketing activities, where her organization and eye for detail contribute to website maintenance, graphic design, and proposals.

Ashley never misses an opportunity to enhance her creativity, whether through baking, knitting, water coloring, or spending time outdoors. She also loves to travel and experience new cultures. Ashley shares her passion for design – and emphasizes the importance of being a team player – as a volunteer mentor on Cope Linder’s ACE Mentor Program team. She lives in Northeast Philadelphia.

Ashley holds a B.Arch from Drexel University. She joined CLA in 2011.