About Cope Linder Architects

Stan Cairns
Ian Cope
Tristan Emig
David Ertz
Robert Keppel
Erin McCulley
Margaret Michel
Derek Morgan
William O'Keefe
Garry Rasmussen
Cheryl Smith
Jim Shomper, Jr.
Danton Spina
Kevin Wolf
Ellen Wright

Capturing a sense of place.
Building experiences.
Enhancing brands. Increasing value.

These objectives drive our design process and us.

Cope Linder Architects designs for the public, integrating the natural and the built context to shape entertaining, engaging, and exciting architecture for people. We are an award-winning firm with a 50-year history of projects for hospitality, gaming, entertainment, workplace, multi-family residential, community, and institutional clients. Our depth of experience and understanding of these markets lets us successfully design projects that balance economics, feasibility, and innovation. But we don’t do it alone. We foster a culture of design excellence through strong client relationships and professional partnerships. We believe design should be about good ideas, executed well, with the input of diverse creative minds.

We empower our staff to be efficient, detail-driven, and free to contribute and critique each other’s work. Design isn’t about individual egos but about the strongest solutions. We challenge each other to move projects to a higher level. Our thorough approach to problem solving, bolstered by creativity and technical proficiency, presents a diverse portfolio characterized by repeat commissions from numerous clients.

We are driven to do good work, to be responsive, and to earn our clients’ trust.

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