735 South Columbus Boulevard

Located along the southern stretch of Philadelphia’s Delaware River waterfront, 735 South Columbus Boulevard is a 208-unit luxury multi-family development planned on the site of the former Pier 34 and 35 South.

The sleek, contemporary building will feature a mix of two- and three-bedroom luxury apartments with balconies. The building configuration and layout were intended to optimize views of both the riverfront to the east and south and the Center City skyline to the west.

Designed initially to be positioned as rentals, the units were modestly upsized to permit future disposition as a condominium property. A complex and iterative planning process involving the City Planning Commission and neighboring civic groups was required in order to secure the requisite development rights.

The project will feature on-site parking and numerous amenities such as a fitness center, rooftop pool club and bar, restaurant, and public access to the waterfront.

Owner / Client: Ensemble Properties, Long Beach, CA